Reception and consultation offices are located on the ground floor in the second corridor to the right after entering the facility through the main entrance. Orange signs lead to the local registry. Talk to any member of the staff if you cannot find it; they will help and guide you. It is best to make an appointment for an examination in advance. This ensures a smooth workflow in the polyclinic, saves time, and prevents stress.

The admissions office of the ward of minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgery is also on the ground floor and labelled “Surgery and Orthopedics.” Admission of inpatients begins here. This is your home base, because almost everyone requires initial examination here in order to be admitted for an operation. First, a nurse will process your documents and will give you information that you must read before you sign an informed consent form required for surgery. Then the nurse will perform blood and other necessary tests and will accompany you to obtain X-rays.

In my experience, the first stressful moments of hospitalization for each patient can be avoided if he or she already knows the answers to all of his or her questions. When a person knows what to expect, there are usually no extra stress, tears, or worries.

Finally, the patient is admitted to the department of minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgery.

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