This ward is located on the fourth floor of the hospital. When you reach the fourth floor, follow the blue signs hanging from the ceiling. The Department of Minimally Invasive Surgery is part of the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, which is located in sector A in the southeastern wing of the hospital. There are eight rooms with four beds each. Each has a shared bathroom with shower. There are ten 12-square meter single rooms that each include a private bathroom with shower and two 20-square meter luxury rooms with a private bathroom with bathtub.

At the entrance of the ward there are two bags of plastic over-shoe socks to cover your shoes. Take them from the blue bag labeled "clean socks" and put them on over your shoes. Use a small amount of the blue liquid from the dispenser near the bags and rub your hands to disinfect and sanitize them. You must wear these socks while you are in the ward and drop them off in the yellow bag marked "utilized socks" when you depart. Repeat the procedure with your hands.

At the beginning of the corridor there is a nursing post. Contact the senior staff member or the nurse on duty and follow their instructions. From this point forward, they will determine when and what you should do. Please follow their advice. Do not do anything without their knowledge or approval. This will simplify and facilitate preparations for your surgery. Staff will take care of you, explain everything to you, and will answer all your questions.

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