Choice of Room
According to your personal preference you can be accommodated in a luxury suite, VIP suite, or four-bed suite. The four-bed suite is included in the value of the clinical pathway or paid medical package; the VIP suite is 85 lev per day; the luxury suite is 125 lev per day.

Escort to the Hospital
If you want company, you may ask your relative to accompany you during your hospital stay. He or she can be accommodated in an extra bed in the room at a daily rate of 25 lev per person.

During your stay in the medical center or hospital you can leave your car in a parking lot. The first half hour is free. After that, the price for the first additional hour is three leva, and two lev for each hour that follows. For hospitalized patients who would like to leave their car in the parking lot, the fee is 10 lev per day.

Tokuda patient shop
In case you forget to bring your personal belongings necessary for your hospital stay, you can buy them from the Tokuda patient shop which is located on the 9th floor of the hospital. There you will find cosmetics, toiletries, towels, pajamas, orthopedic slippers, medical supplies, and more.

Tokuda individual rooms
If necessary, in order for your companions to be near you, they can stay in a hospital guest room. These rooms are located on the fifth floor and the price per night for the attendants of patients is 45 leva. All rooms are single, with a bathroom, air conditioning, and TV.

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