Operating rooms are located on the second floor. Access is limited.

There are three operating rooms in Block A of the ward. They are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, tools, supplies, and other consumables necessary for any abdominal surgery. One of the rooms is insulated for X-rays

Our technique is new, the oldest piece of equipment is only six years old. HD Aesculap equipment is used to perform laparoscopies. We have the latest Ultrascission ultrasonic scalpels by Olympus, LigaSure, and Valleylab. A movable X-ray machine for intraoperative diagnosis is available in the ward at all times. Each room is divided into two temperature-independent chambers which can maintain a low of 4 to 8 C° or a high of 30 to 55 C° according to the conditions required for storing medications and biological products. Heaters and bedding maintain exact constant body temperature of the patient during continuous or long operations.

Our anesthesiologists employ a mobile SonoSite ultrasound system to facilitate anesthetic procedures and make them more efficient. Most importantly, this equipment significantly reduces the risk of complications from ineffective procedures.

The halls are managed by the perioperative nurses who have Bachelor’s of Medicine degrees and are skilled in assisting in both general and abdominal surgery.

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