The anesthesiology department and Intensive Care Unit are also located on the second floor, directly adjacent to the operating room in order to allow quick and easy access. This enables around-the-clock, flawless, high-quality specialized, consultative, planning, and emergency medical activities to be carried out by specialists in anesthesiology and the ICU. It has modern equipment made by well-known brands that specialize in anesthesia, analgesia, artificial pulmonary ventilation, dialysis, and monitoring of patients in serious condition.

Doctors in the ward carry out consultations regarding pre-anesthesiology, intensive care, surgery preparation, invasive or diagnostic procedures under general or regional anesthesia in all hospital structures, they do any kind of anesthesia and follow post-operatively operated patients.

All nurses in the ward hold at least a bachelor’s degree in medicine and have extensive experience working with patients who undergo surgery as well as those who are critically ill.

Relatives can obtain information about patients in the ICU from the head of department or from the doctor on duty by phone or in person between 12:00 p.m. and 13:00 p.m. every day. Visits are unadvisable.

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